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How to Make a Baby Butt Cake / Baby Rump Cake

How to Make a Baby Butt Cake
Baby Rump with a Farm Theme!

How to make the baby's rump, legs, and feet:

I used a Wilton Sports Ball pan for the baby's rump. This cake kit comes with two halves. I filled one of the pans almost to the top with batter. I didn't think it would bake properly but I tried it anyway and surprisingly it was fine! When placing in the oven, put aluminum foil or a pan underneath to catch the overflow of cake batter. (I did not and it made a mess! See picture below!) After the cake bakes, trim off any crispy edges of the cake.

The cake looks gross (left) but the end result is stunning. See below:

Next I cut little chubby baby legs from the rounded edge of a round cake and placed them around the other ball cake pan to make sure that they were correctly proportioned. You may need to trim slightly to get the correct shape. After the legs were the right size, I then cut little feet (without the toes) from the remaining cake and shaped those, as well. Don't stress like I did!...The feet are as easy as cutting an oval and then cutting a small curved section out of one of the sides to give it a foot shape!
I crumb-coated all these cake parts.

The next step is to cover the ball cake with white fondant so that it looks like a diaper. I covered the legs and feet with flesh-colored fondant made by Wilton and sold by Wilton and Michael's. Little toes were made from the flesh-colored fondant in graduated sizes and eventually (but not yet) gum-glued onto the feet. I made tiny indentions on the inside of the feet then painted them with dry color dust to give them a more realistic look.

To assemble:
Working quickly at this point, I first covered a cardboard round (you can also use a cardboard drum) with a green fondant "blanket" that I had used a laser rolling pin on. (You can also use an embossing mat.) I quickly placed the "diapered" rump, legs, and feet on top of the green "blanket." (Note: At this point I used a small amount of royal icing to attach the feet to the legs.) Next I gum-glued the toes to the feet, then gathered the green "blanket" around the rump and legs. I added a little white fondant "gather" where the diaper meets the legs.

To make the blue blanket:

I measured how big the blue blanket needed to be (but did not cut it yet...only measured), then using these measurements, I made and cut the lacy trim using a mold and covered all the lacy pieces to keep them from drying out.
The lacy mold is called "Elizabeth Vintage Lace Silicone Mold by Karen Davies" from Global Sugar Arts (, $32.99.
 I cut the blue "blanket" from blue fondant to the size that I had previously measured. I then embossed it with a diamond mat.

I gum-glued the lacy trim onto the blanket.
(Note: The edges of the lacy trim are cut at an angle at the corners.)

I then placed the blue "blanket" on top of the baby's rump and legs, folding it slightly, here and there, to give it the movement of a real blanket. I used a pointed modeling tool and indented where I wanted to place the pearls. I placed a dot of edible gum glue into each hole (only three holes at a time), then glued the pearls on by placing each pearl in a tweezer and using a tiny dry paintbrush to then push the pearls from the tweezer into place.
I added a thin "ribbon" around the ankles (I used an extruder for a neat, consistent look) and embellished with a small bow that I had pre-made. This is a good way to hide any imperfections where the ankle is attached to the leg.

I think that having half a baby is kind of weird-looking but some people love it, so I added a bow and ribbon on the opposite side to sort of give it a completed look.
One last note: If this rump cake is going on top of other cakes and you need to run a dowel down through the rump, you can just add a small butterfly or other adornment overtop of the dowel to cover it up, or you can dowel the tiers before you add the baby blanket.
It sounds complicated but it's as easy as having patience and taking it one step at a time!
If you make this, I would love to see pictures! Just take your time and be as neat as you can every step of the way and your baby rump will come out beautiful!
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